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Rx4 Everlasting Health
Vitality for the body, purpose for the mind and joy for the spirit


It's Your Journey.

A Holistic formula approach to achieve optimal health 

Rx4 Everlasting Health encompasses the whole person- body, mind, and spirit – with 12 universal pillars of health. Each letter in RX4 Everlasting Health represent a crucial elements to achieve wellness, health and longevity leading you in your journey to optimal health.

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"Optimal health is not measured by the numbers on the scale but weight loss is the product of optimal health."


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Jumpstart your
Everlasting Health

Are you ready to take control and make changes on your health and lifestyle? Are you dealing with symptoms like Pre-Diabetes,High Blood Pressure, bloating , joint pains  and your doctor told you if you don't change your lifestyle you are at risk of suffering a more deteriorating Chronic disease? If your answer is a fat BIG YES.

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Ladies Night

Are you ready to have some fun with your girlfriends, pamper yourself, get a facial and learn how to create natural skin care products out of ingredients you probably have in your Kitchen? 

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45 minutes Free Discovery Assessment Coaching Session

Are you ready to seek guidance to regain control of your lifestyle and become the CEO of your Health but are curious on How I can be of service to you? If YES This Discovery Session is perfect for You.  

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VIP 90 Days 1 on 1 

Coaching Program

Throughout our 90 days together we will jumpstart your healthy habits to set you on the path you deeply desire for yourself.

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A Holistic formula approach to achieve optimal health.

  • Exercise

  • Vision

  • Environment

  • Rest

  • Love & Relationships

  • Attitude

  • Spirituality

  • Time Management

  • Income

  • Nutrition

  • Goals

  • Health Prevention


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