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A Holistic formula approach to achieve optimal health. Rx4 Everlasting Health encompasses the whole person- body, mind, and spirit – with 12 universal pillars of health. Each letter in RX4 Everlasting Health represent a crucial elements to achieve wellness, health and longevity leading you in your journey to optimal health.


It helps your mood and energy, improve your sex life, healthy weight maintenance, relieve stress, and combats health condition and disease. Physical exercise also improves brain health.


Is the foundation for being courageous to visualize once self where we want to be and what we want to achieve. Vision is the fuel for the engine of persistence that fill your soul.


Environment-Is the outside world and its effect on our health in every level. Things like environmental toxin, self-care products, GMO can cause diseases.


Is the way we recharge our body, mind and spirit. It gives the body time to recover, relax and grow. You do this by having a good night sleep, naps and meditation. 


A Healthy relationship, feelings, love, wanted and needed strengthens our sense of well-being. Social connection can improve our health, and even heal.


Our outlook in life creates our reality and what we belief. Our mind influences our body and how it response to the information is given


Is the link between Faith, God, Healing and Wellness. Trusting in our Creator, his grace and mercy towards us. He created us with purpose will foster a sense peace, health and well-being. 


Time is the only thing we all get the same amount, 24 hours a day. Managing your time properly, scheduling time for self-care and goal achieving tasks can make the difference between health or stress.


Finances or the lack of and your relationship with money affect directly all the other pillars of health. The question is: Can you afford to take care of your heath?


Whole Foods help us heal, grow, restore, rebuilt, preserve and protect our body, mind and soul.


They are our GPS for the journey of good health and life.


Is the process of acquiring knowledge about, conditions, diseases, how your body works and what it needs to be healthy. Then providing what your body needs to stay healthy and prevent diseases. Taking direct action like, listening to your body sign and symptoms, doing health screenings, eating healthy and having a well balance lifestyle.

Meet Aida.

My name is Aida L. Cirino-Lee, I am a Christian woman, Mother of 5 and the wife of the most loving and supporting chocolate man. He is even healthy for me he is Dark Chocolate (LOL). I been working in the health field over 20 years as a Register MA and Lab Tech in the areas of Internal Medicine, Oncology and Urgent Care. I also opened, ran and established a Medical office lab at the Urgent care facility I worked.  In addition; 4 year ago I Founded a Health Ministry called Bethesda Health Ministries with the purpose to provide the community and congregations with knowledge and resources to sustain optimal health. Last, I became an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Board Certify by AADP.

My passion for health and Medicine started when I was a little girl. I was a premature baby and as a result I had some health issues. Doctors told my mother when I was born that I had a life expectancy of 48 hours and here I am 46 years later. Since I went to many Doctors I was fascinated with medicine. I used to play nurse with my friends, fill my empty bottle of medicine with juice and candy to use as pills .Through elementary school every career day I was either dressed like a doctor or a nurse.

As I became a young adult some of my health issues resolved with the exception of the high blood pressure, which caused complications during the delivery of my children. On my last pregnancy at 35, I was in bed rest most of the pregnancy. I had to take medications for the blood pressure resulting on a premature birth at 31 weeks gestation. After that my blood pressure was out of control. Since then I’ve had 2 small strokes, took up to 8 pills, some twice daily just for the blood pressure, gained a lot of weight ( 255lb), had no energy, and always tired  as a results of the pills. Every doctor visit and hospital stay resulted in a new added pill with series of side effects.


Enough is Enough


I got fed up with how I was feeling, the fear of getting another stroke and trying different fad diets without any permanent result. So I went through a massive search for an alternative solution, something more natural, holistic, and sustainable.  In my journey, I learned about Functional Medicine and the root cause of Chronic Disease. I learned about natural remedies and a lots of DIY self-care organics products, meditation (for me is prayer), toxicity, gluten, leaky gut, and much more. One day during my research I stumbled into a free webinar from IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). I registered for the program and graduated on July of 2014 as a Holistic Health Coach.  As I started the program I incorporated what I learned previously and in IIN to my lifestyle. As a result, I have lost 45 pounds, taking only 2 pills for my blood pressure, and my passion to share my knowledge and help others achieve optimal health grew exponentially. So that’s how RX4 Everlasting Health was born, from my desire to help you in your journey to obtain optimal health.


Since I have vast experience in the medical field in the area of chronic diseases in addition to my own life experience; my niche or ideal clients are individuals that are at risk of chronic disease, and metabolic syndrome. Also, those diagnosed with some chronic diseases, those wanting to prevent chronic diseases, and anybody seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


So make the choice and let me work with you. Allow me the pleasure to assist you achieve your health goals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our community with the knowledge and resources to assist them in their personal journey to disease prevention, healing, and life purpose. Equipping them with the tools to achieve optimal health. We will do so by using a holistic formula approach called Rx4 Everlasting Health, which contain the 12 pillars that will direct our journey. These pillars are Exercise, Vision, Environment, Rest, Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Time Management, Income (finances), Nutrition, Goals and Preventive Health. This formula will be administer in the forms  of 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, Seminars, blogs, programs, e-courses, health fairs, health screening events, health literacy education, scholarships , basic needs assistance, and more.  How? Integrating God's healing power plus health principles with our medical knowledge and community resources.

Vision Statement

Rx4 Everlasting Health is a for purpose organization, with a vision to educate, support, guide, and provide resources to help each individual in their personal journey to optimal health. Empowering people to live life to the fullest and become CEO’s of their health.

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