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Are you tired of taking prescriptions that result in side effects?  Are you overweight, exhausted, or feeling defeated by the pharmaceutical industry and want to regain control of your health, life and happiness? Well, I have just have the solution for you!  

Whether you are a Corporate Leader, Entrepreneur, Pastor, or patient suffering from chronic disease; with my signature Protocol, the only symptom you will feel is the power to become the C.E.O of your health forever!

...just a few short years ago, I too felt some of the same emotions of defeat as you maybe feeling. I was an overweight pre-diabetic, 265 pounds to be exact, no energy, bloated, suffered headaches, malignant high blood pressure, and endured one major strokes and several TIA’s (small strokes) in 6 years​! I took over 19 pills a day and was in and out of the hospital as often as most people go to the grocery store - feelings of misery, unfulfillment and defeat was an understatement compared to the way that I felt about myself and often times, my life.  I remember having dreams and goals that I could not physically achieve because of my multiple health challenges.

Then, when I witness my granddaughter’s birth and look at my little 8 years old energetic boy, I realize I needed to take control of my health and life. In that moment, I decided that I wanted to enjoy seeing them grow. So, I went back to school and exchanged a lot of my time towards researching and learning everything I could about holistic healing and natural and functional medicine. And as a result, I created my own proprietary prescription for everlasting health, formerly known as “Rx4 Everlasting Health.” Shortly after implementing this method in my own life, I was able to release 70 pounds of pure body fat! And the BEST part was that I was able to FREE myself from 18 of the 19 medications​ as quickly as less than a year of changing my lifestyle ​!! Since then I have taken back control of my health; my blood pressure is under control, and I’m no longer diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. I am healthy, happier, and fulfilling my God given purpose and dreams! So now that I am FREE, it is my life’s passion to help YOU reclaim your BEST health so that you too can experience your BEST LIFE!


The ones you love and lead are depending on your next decision; click below to start now towards a “symptom free” lifestyle of Everlasting Health & Purpose!

Meet Aida 

What to expect from

this Purpose e-course 

Create small, lasting changes over time

Learn how to care for yourself in the best way possible

Focus on your well-being in a holistic way

What not to expect from

this Purpose e-course 

Restrictions that make you miserable
Feeling guilty and overwhelmed
A diet that consists of list of food you cannot eat that is unrealistic


Rx4 Creating and Everlasting lifestyle of health and purpose will help you become the CEO of your health, by managing and preventing disease, learn your 101 on nutrition, chronic diseases and the root causes of diseases. This will give you exactly what your body, mind and spirit needs to achieve optimal health. In addition, it will help you to reduce stress, have a healthy lifestyle, be in control of your time, money and happiness. The results will allow you to lead a harmonious everlasting lifestyle, leaving you happy, vibrant and healthy. Are you ready to be the CEO of your health and fulfill your dreams and purpose!

Throughout our 8 Modules together, we will jumpstart your healthy habits to set you on the path you deeply desire for yourself. Taking a holistic approach that includes body, mind and spirit. We will implement small changes over time to help you reach your goals, which is far more beneficial than trying to do it all at once.

Again, the principles in this program are the same ones used by myself and many people I know who have successfully prevented and have also been healed holistically from Chronic Diseases.

Rx4 E-course Models


Rx4 Everlasting Protocol and Philosophy

Health Basics, Statistics and Sick care vs health care

Body Health, Exercise, Rest & Nutrition 101

Root cause of Disease and the 101 on most common chronic diseases.

Mind and Brain Health  and (Start your 21 days Detox)

Spirit Health, Joy and Happiness

Self Care, Natural Remedies, Target Eating

Resources for Maintaining your new everlasting lifestyle

Rx4 Creating an Everlasting Lifestyle

of Health and Purpose e-course consist of:

Weekly Video Content & Discussions  


Information and tools on each weekly topic  


Assignments weekly to help you reach your health and life goals  


Accountability to assist you in your journey


Recipes, logs, grocery list, self- care list, assessments, journaling, exercise challenge, a 21  day detox program and more


My personal attention and love throughout your e-course with live discussion and Q&A, a    total of four 1on1 coaching sessions, individual protocols targeting your main health concerns plus life goals and much more. 


  All done thru a private and closed Facebook Group Platform and Practice Better EMR (HIPPA compliance) where you will get all your individual private recommendations, private concerns and questions answer, individual protocols and book all your 1 on 1 coaching session.




What not to expect from

this Purpose e-course 

Restrictions that make you miserable
Feeling guilty and overwhelmed
A diet that consists of list of food you cannot eat that is unrealistic


Are you ready to make
your health and wellbeing a priority?!


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