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Regain Control of Your Health and Become the CEO of Your Body.

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Regain control of your health and become the CEO of your body.

One of the deepest needs people have is for a sense of control, when we feel out of control we feel a lot of tension stress and a sense of powerlessness.

Have you ever felt like you lost control of your life, your, health, body and your mind? Somehow the everyday life things like family, marriage, work, career, study, friends, and finances has taken priority. In addition, you feel like you were given a bad pool of genes , you made some wrong decisions and what the media portray as healthy and beautiful look impossible to achieve. You relinquish your control and put your health, self care and nutrition in the back burner. As a result, of lack of motivation, not enough time and no goals you are overweight or out of shape, lacking energy, stress, overwhelm even suffering of low self esteem . Now, at risk of chronic diseases or even diagnosed with one. You lost total control of your body of your health and sometimes even of your mind.

I was in the same situation few years back. My weight was higher than ever and my high blood pressure was out of control. I was a Mobile medicine cabinet taking up to nine medications for my high blood pressure and some of them were taken 3 times a day or 2 times a day for a total of 19 pills a day . Moreover ,I had to deal with the side effects of all those medications. I had no energy, always tired, foggy brain, low metabolism weight gain, headaches and low self esteem.

It was until I became a grandmother that I said to myself I want to be healthy, vibrant and energetic to live long enough to enjoy my grandkids. At this point, health and longevity became my main goals. So, I search how I will regained control of my health and become the CEO of my body . So, I had to learn all about health, lifestyle and nutrition but also the qualities of a good CEO.

Becoming a CEO doesn't happen overnight it takes discipline, training in the field and on

leadership skills. The CEO is the highest ranking person in the company, ultimately responsible for the success of the company by meeting all the needs of everybody that work for and in the company. A good leader have the capacity to influence others thru Inspiration, motivated by passion generated by vision, produced by conviction, invigorate by the purpose For the sake of discussion the company is your body, your cells are the people(employees), your systems the department, your organs the equipment and nutrition, exercise, meditation rest and healthy lifestyle is the human resources department. The field an Industry is health, happiness and Purpose..

How I become a good CEO of my body?

  1. Influence- your body, organs, tissues and cells by providing them all the nutrition and tools.

  2. needed for them to grow, multiply, rebuilt ,Heal, protect and prevent disease.

  3. Passion- to regain the health, energy and vitality to enjoy life to the fullest.

  4. Vision- see yourself living long, healthy, vibrant, joyful, productive life; enjoying family, leaving your mark in this world and a legacy for the next generation while fulfilling your dreams and God given purpose.

  5. Conviction- Believe I can achieve optimal health and that my genes don't control the outcome of my health. If I give my body what it needs to function at it highest potential, it will heal itself grow and prevent disease. I am a unique being what works for somebody else might not work for me.

  6. Purpose- regaining control of our health, become the CEO of our bodies and helping others take the same journey.

Are you ready to become The CEO of your Body and regain control of

your health? And live an Everlasting Lifestyle of Health Fulfilling your

Dreams and Purpose.

If your answer is yes I’ll be excited to schedule a Discovery

assessment Coaching session to how can I best Serve you and which of my

programs will best meet your needs.

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