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Shinning a Light on Health

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

As human beings, we want to see and experience health with our five senses. So if you look good, sound excellent, are soft and firm to the touch, smell like flowers, have flavor (we are cool) you’re healthy. Also we equate health with the absence of pain, disease or symptoms or compare our health with what we see portrayed as beautiful, strong, and healthy in the media. So we start all kinds of detox programs, extreme diets, take diet pills, and any crazy concoction that will promise us a fast journey to our skinny goal disregarding any side effects or adverse reactions. All because we expect results overnight and we have a misconception of what it is to be healthy. Also, we go on all types of exercise programs to the extreme doing more than the body can handle. Neither the extreme dieting or the exercise overload is sustainable and if you don’t get tired of it soon enough and quit, you stop after reaching our goal. As result going back to the old habits and unhealthy lifestyle that put you in this postion in the first place.

By then your metabolism is shot, your muscles are overworked, and you have a false sense of accomplishment. So you let go, resulting in a sluggish metabolism, hormone imbalance, double the weight gain, joint pains, and an increased risk of chronic diseases plus its complications. (If you don’t suffer from a chronic disease already.) Not to mention the psychological and social effects, low self-esteem, and the not so kind words of friends and family reminding you that you’re getting fat once again. As if you didn’t know that you’re overweight already. So, are you there yet? Or have you been there so many times in your life journey that you’ve lost count.

I have good news for you !!!

Health is not defined by the number on your scale or by a fashioning perfect outer appearance . Health is a lifestyle not a destination that results in weight loss, strength, vitality, energy, longevity and radiating beauty. Positive daily sustainable action towards essential pillars of optimal health will help you achieve a healthy fulfilling life. These actions will help you reach your goals one at a time and maintain them for everlasting health.

So what is health?

Health is much more than absence of pain, disease or infirmity. Health is becoming a whole person mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Health is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. In this state an individual realizes his or her own capabilities to cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, grow, rebuild, protect, fight and prevent disease.

So the Rx4 Everlasting model will assist you in your journey to optimal health by teaching you to incorporate daily positive actions in its twelve essential pillars for health. Cater to your individual needs in a holistic way.

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