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Always being on the go and taking care of your many responsibilities in both your personal and professional life can cause you to feel frazzled, confused and overwhelmed. Vacations can alleviate these problems, giving you a fresh perspective and calming your nerves. Taking a break from a jam-packed schedule will noticeably lower your anxiety. Even better, clearing your head and slowing things down often leads to great ideas and a fresh perspective when you head back to your job and normal routine. Imagine getting all your traveling needs from flights, Hotel, Cruises, Car Rental,or Airbnb is cheaper than any other booking site. Go to the Vortex sign and enjoy the BIG Discounts 

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 OnDoc  your Telehealth Alternative 


Imagine having a Doctor available for you 24/7 without leaving your house. For you and your family for just $30 a month 

Super Health Food

LifeVantage , Start products Protandim Nrf2 and Nrf1


Biohacking your body to heal at the cellular level  with nutrigenomics by activating your cells to work in it's optimal potential to heal itself.


Biohacking- Viewing the body as a system and then using biology, nutrition and lifestyle to tweak and activate that whole system for optimum health and wellness.

Nutrigenomics-  is a science studying the relationship between human genome, nutrition and health. People in the field work toward developing an understanding of how the whole body responds to a food via systems biology, as well as single gene/single food compound relationships.


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