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Are you ready to take control and make changes on your health and lifestyle? Are you dealing with symptoms like Pre-Diabetes,High Blood Pressure, bloating , joint pains  and your doctor told you if you don't change your lifestyle you are at risk of suffering a more deteriorating Chronic disease? If your answer is a fat BIG YES.

Then Jumpstart Your Everlasting Health VIP 1 on 1,  6 weeks program is the solution to bring your sugar, blood pressure and many other symptoms back to normal.


  • A Free Discovery Assessment Consultation to get to know you, your main health concern and Health History so I can create your map to wellness

  • Weekly 1 on 1, 45 minutes Coaching session on your VIP Program; if you choose the Group program you get 2 Coaching sessions

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group

  • 2 -30 minutes f/up phone coaching session for any questions, accountability, assistance and seeing how you are doing. The First one 2 weeks after your day pass and another a month after.

  • All for $287.00

Are You Ready to Prioritize, your Health from your busy schedule?

VIP 1 on 1 Registration Price $999.00

Group Coaching program $ 697   (Launch date TBA)


I am super excited to work with YOU. At registration you are prompted to fill out a Disclaimer Form and your Health history form as well as scheduling your Discovery Session with Coach Aida  So I can prep for your individual needs.

45 Minutes Free Discovery


Assessment Coaching Session


Are you ready to seek guidance to regain control of your lifestyle and become the CEO of your health but are curious on How I can be of service to you? If YES, this Discovery Session is perfect for You.  This is a FREE 45 minutes session with 3 purposes:

This is:

  • Perfect to get to know each other, discover your main health concern and how I can be of service to you.

  • Get a few basic tips on How to jumpstart your journey to health

  • If you already or are interested to register to one of my programs, e-course or 1on 1 coaching signature programs we will discuss your Health History Assessment deeply, so I can create your individual protocol targeting your main health and life concerns use during your coaching service.

  • Either way you see it is a win, win situation



Ladies Night


Are you ready to have some fun with your girlfriends, pamper yourself, get a facial and learn how to create natural skin care products out of ingredients you probably have in your kitchen?  If your answer is of course, YESSSS.


Start calling your girlfriends, women club, women ministries, your sisters and family, set up your Facebook event Invitation and Let have some FUN.

By the way the hostess is free.

This is:

  • This fun night includes a short presentation about the toxins on your food, environment and selfcare products.

  • A PDF handout with basic DIY selfcare products recipes.

  • A 12 days Detox Guide Body, Mind and Spirit

  • On hand creation of homemade facials masks, scrubs and facial cleanser that we will use to get facials.

  • Cost is $35 per lady a minimum of 3 ladies not including the host. Payment due no later than 48 hours prior event. The host is free and will provide refreshments.

  • Groups with more than 10 ladies, price will go down to $30.00 per lady

  • Ladies will be able to schedule their one free 45 minutes Discovery Assessment Coaching Session for further questions, see how I can be of service or guidance with their detox program. Or to schedule their own Spa-ctacular Ladies Night event.

I can wait to party, pamper and create memorable beauty and health moments with YOU and the ladies.

Female Lecturer

VIP 90 Days 1 on 1 Coaching Program


“Becoming the CEO of your Health and Regaining control of your Life”.

Are You ready to break the bondages of disease, medication side effects, fatigue, and never feeling well enough to pursue your dreams? Are you a leader, entrepreneur or a  pastor , losing focus, creativity, time, stamina and productivity due to your health challenges? Are you overweight, unfulfilled and unhappy wanting to regain control of your health , life, and happiness? Are you tired of putting off your health and now are  ready to start focusing on, YOU,  your health and lifestyle? And you need and require 1 on 1 devoted attention.

Then this is the program for YOU

Throughout our 90 days together we will jumpstart your healthy habits to set you on the path you deeply desire for yourself. Regaining control of your health by implementing the principles of nutrition, primary foods, target eating, and the Rx4 Everlasting protocol with a holistic approach that includes body, mind and spirit.  We will implement smalls changes over time to help you reach your goals, which is far more beneficial than trying to do it all at once.

The purpose of this program is to help you become your BEST SELF, The CEO of your health and life, ready to break the bondages of disease and fulfill your dreams, goals and purpose.

This is:

  • Biweekly 60 minutes face to face coaching sessions (in person or online video conference)

  • Biweekly 30 minutes phone call coaching sessions

  • Weekly content and tools via videos, power point presentation or handouts to teach and support topics discussions

  • Assignments weekly to implement principles learn.

  • Accountability to assist you in your journey to a better healthier fulfill YOU.

  • Assessments to discover were you are, who are you and what you need; so, I can map the program to target your individuality, your main health concern and your needs.

  • Tons of resources like: meds logs, B/P and sugar logs, food & water log, recipes, grocery list, gratitude journal, exercise challenge, selfcare list, DIY recipes, basic home Natural remedies, 21day detox program and much more...

  • All done thru a Practice Better a EMR platform ( HIPPA Compliance) were you will get all information tools, resources and assignments, book 1 0n 1 coaching sessions and receive all individuals protocols and recommendations

You don’t have to do this alone. I will be with you every step of the way supporting, coaching and guiding You to become the highest version of yourself. The CEO of your Health and Life vibrant, healthy fulfilling your goals, dreams and Purpose.

So, Are You READY to make Yourself, your Health and Wellbeing a Priority? If you answer is a BIG FAT LONG YESSS.

Then, is time to Invest in Yourself, your Health and your Happiness.


Let’s Talk

I invite you to have a FREE conversation with me, where we talk about your goals, desires health main concern and how with this program I can get you there.

 I look forward to speaking with you about the beginning of the rest of your life journey to health and wellness.